The Ribble info website is the third in a series of hyperlocal websites covering the North West of England. Each site will host webpages for small businesses, giving them online exposure to the local population of the Ribble Valley and South Ribble districts. Having launched the Rossendale and Bury websites in 2016, each business will have their own full webpage, which are 100% mobile friendly, professionally written for SEO keywords linking to their business from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING.  

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The Ribble Valley is the largest district in Lancashire by square miles, and with a population just under 60,000 it is the least densely populated, with many rural towns and villages. There is a great deal of farming and agricultural activity, and is without doubt, one of the more scenic areas in the North West. For those looking for outdoor activities, local businesses own much of their existence to tourism. You will see many walkers, cyclists and sightseers ambling through the lanes and taking in the sights. The local area council is based in Clitheroe.

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We're a local website for the Ribble area. That includes the Ribble Valley and South Ribble Districts. Each local business will have their own webpage on the site, as we don't do advertising in the true sense with those annoying flashing banners at the top of the page. It's just info about the company.

In February this year, the South Ribble district was named by Channel 4 TV, as the UK's best place to live for people in their twenties. The South Ribble District in Lancashire has its local council based in Leyland, where the overall population is just over 110,000 inhabitants. Whilst much larger than the Ribble Valley population the connection is simply by name only, being situated along the river Ribble, which originates on Yorkshire and makes it way along a 75 mile route to the Estuary at Preston.

Since starting the info network of websites in 2016, we've launched two other websites in the North West, in Rossendale and Bury. You can also find more info about this on the Local123UK website. These websites are known as hyperlocal geo domains, in that they are single 'Exact Match Domains' and the names of the towns and areas. We also own the domain for Pendle and will be launching there very soon.

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There are several things that stop most businesses getting their products and services online. One is cost and second is knowing what to put onto a website or a webpage. You need specialist knowledge when looking at what keywords to use in your page, so that search engines like Google will find your page. That's the hard part, getting onto page No.1, it can be time consuming and expensive. Visit the contact us page to find out how to get your business on the Ribble website.

‚ÄčAll the businesses featured on this website will have their own page that is 100% mobile friendly.

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Get in touch today and see how we can put you online with a FULL professionally written business webpage for your company for a lot less than trying to set up your own website. Each webpage for local businesses are professionally written for SEO (search engine optimisation).

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